Mid-City Crime Drops

By Jonathan Edwards

Mid-City street crime dropped significantly between the months of April and May, said New Orleans Police Department Captain Robert Norton, the acting commander for the First District, which includes Mid-City and Faubourg-St. John.

Crimes committed against individuals, including murder and robbery, are down 46 percent, while property crimes, such as burglary and auto theft, are also down 11 percent, Norton told Mid-City residents and police officers gathered for the June meeting of the New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council.

Leading the way, burglaries committed against individual residences plummeted by more than half, from 31 incidents in April to just 15 in May.

The only category of crime that rose significantly between the two months was auto theft, which increased by more than 30 percent. There were 35 auto thefts reported in April. That number spiked to 46 in May.

First district police officers baited undercover cars in a two-day sting and made nine arrests during the operation. Three people were arrested at the intersection of Bayou Road and North Johnson Street, according to a June 15 department E-mail.


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